Low Maintenance

I’ve been to homes with white marble floors in Southlake and Colleyville that look like they’re straight out of HGTV. They are gorgeous, but they show every bit of dirt and therefore require a lot of sweeping/mopping etc. We want our floors to look amazing, but who wants to spend their time cleaning them? Luckily there are several flooring options, whether it is tile, carpet or wood, which look great with little effort.

Marazzi has a tile called Artea Stone that looks like travertine. It comes in different colors and it looks great whether you’ve just mopped it or it’s been a week (or two)! Choose a dark grout color and you are good to go! Real travertine is expensive and it is porous, which means it will stain. It typically comes in light colors and it has to be sealed every year.

Another stone you see a lot of in Southlake – granite – looks amazing as your countertops. For some reason, people have been misled into thinking that granite is a lot of upkeep. It is a porous stone that requires sealing, but if you choose a slab of granite that is darker, you’ll have no problems. I’ve had granite for 6 years or so and I haven’t resealed it since it was initially installed. It made a huge difference in my kitchen and bathrooms – they always shine and get compliments!

Mohawk has a carpet called SmartStrand that is bulletproof. It is called SmartStrand because the carpet strands will not absorb anything – that’s right – no stains ever! In fact, it comes with a 25 year stain and soil resistance warranty! Incredible! Mohawk has another option that has become very popular. It is a textured berber that has varied heights and comes in a tweed. These two colors twisted together will distract your eye from those inevitable stains!

Of course, our best selling, low maintenance floor is the Bella Cera Tuscan Plank handscraped hickory wood floor that comes in a 4”,5”,6” variable-width. This wood floor is so warm and inviting and all you need is a dust mop to keep it looking great.

So – if a low maintenance floor sounds good to you, give us a call and we’ll bring some samples out to you so your home can look like it belongs on HGTV!

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