Window Treatment Care In Denton

Window treatment care in Denton

Simmons Floor Covering is not ALL about floors, we also offer an impressive selection of window treatments to complement our flooring products. 

Keeping your window treatments clean and looking like new can take a little effort, here are some cleaning ideas to help:

- Mini Blinds: Vacuum with a soft brush attachment, or dust with a feather duster, lambswool duster, or tool for blinds.

-Vinyl Vertical Blinds: Remove vinyl vanes and immerse in water. To eliminate static electricity, coat the vanes with a thin layer of mild detergent.

-Wood Blinds: For blinds with painted and stained finishes, clean with spray polish or Pledge® and a soft cloth. For best results, never use water on any wood products.

-Shutters: Dust natural wood shutters. If painted, wash in place. Cover the floor and sill with plastic or a drop cloth. Use a brush dipped in detergent and water. Rinse and dry with a cotton cloth.

-Cellular Shades: Mild detergents, spot removers, and dry cleaning may harm your cellular shades. When deep cleaning is desired, enlist an ultrasonic cleaning service to give your cellular shades a deep clean. To locate a certified window treatments cleaner in your area, visit or contact Graber Customer Service for a referral.

-Fabric Window Treatments: Only a professional drapery cleaner or dry cleaner with relevant experience should clean fabric window treatments. Do not spot clean or use water, club soda, soaps, or cleansers. For regular maintenance of your fabric window treatments, use the brush attachment on your vacuum and lightly run it over the treatments. Be sure to run it up and down the folds to remove dust and particles.
From shopping to purchasing to a professional installation, the Pro’s at Simmons Floor Covering will work with you focusing on all the details and committed to exceeding your expectations.

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