Why Prefinished floor In Your Denton Home?

Is Hardwood or Carpet Easier to Maintain?

Prefinished flooring is more versatile and the recommended choice for certain types of installations. If you’re going to install the floor below grade, prefinished engineered is a wise choice. It is good for installation over radiant heating, or in an area with high moisture such as the kitchen or bathroom. Its construction makes it more stable and less prone to warping. The factory does the application of finish coats. The multiple coats of finish give prefinished wood flooring a very durable wear layer. Also, It is itself is under warranty by the manufacturer. It is more resistant to moisture and humidity. It makes it suitable for climatic regions with high humidity or large variations in temperature.

Prefinished hardwood flooring is relatively quick and easy to install.  Once you installed prefinished flooring, you can walk on it and put furniture on it immediately. This is a time-consuming process that you may wish to avoid.

Prefinished flooring is less messy than an unfinished. Since it has already been coated at the factory, it is also far more convenient as you don’t need to do sanding or finishing on site.  Sanding does create dust during the actual sanding process. And when finishing and cleaning process is done you would never know that there was any dust at all!

Prefinished flooring is not always, but often, the cheaper option. Though prefinished flooring may cost more for the actual material, with the reduced labor costs of only an installation, prefinished flooring usually ends up being less expensive than unfinished hardwood flooring that is installed and then sanded and finished on site.

With prefinished flooring, there is no chemical smells because there are no applied chemicals. The flooring has already treated in the factory where it was made.

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