Whitewashing Hardwood Floors

Is the whitewashed wood flooring look for you? Find out now with the help of Simmons Floor Covering
The beauty of your hardwood floors needs to shine through. But your natural wood flooring looks dull, drab and kind of dirty. Even with regular DIY maintenance and cleaning, your floors may need something more.
Before you consider replacing or covering old, worn, stained or lackluster hardwoods, take a look at the professional-level services that can save your floors. Not only can these expertly offered options change the look and feel of your floors, but they can also save you time and money.
Instead of spending your entire weekend or every evening buffing and polishing or investing in a completely new install, these processes provide plenty of opportunities to keep your existing floors and relax as someone else does the work for you.

Whitewashing Wood

Whitewashing isn't for everybody. But it is an option that may fit into some décor schemes. If you want to go lighter or brighter, whitewashing can achieve that look - without having to cover your floors with a white rug.
Like the name says, this process involved 'washing' (staining) your floor with a white/light color. This isn't the same as painting the floor white. A coating of white paint completely covers the wood grain, creating a solid surface. Whitewashing allows the wood's natural texture and pattern to show through.
Similar to staining and sealing, whitewashing is a job that requires a professional's touch. Even though it's possible to brush on the light stain yourself, the experts know the correct techniques and methods that will give you the look you want.

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