5 Reasons to Choose Tile Flooring

What to consider for high traffic areas
Tile flooring is known to be very durable and great for homes with larger families or high traffic use. Tile offers many features and benefits making it a clear favorite for many homeowners.

1) Resistant to scratches, dings and water damage: Tile floor has a very hard surface area, making it very difficult to permanently mark. 

2) Easy to Clean: Tile flooring is easy to clean, with a simple sweep and mop. They require no special cleaners, spots are easily scrubbed away, and spills can be easily wiped up. 

3) Stands Up to Pets & Kids: It seems like the smallest members of the household are usually the hardest on everything in it. From pets’ nails to mess-making toddlers, there are endless ways that pets and children can spell bad news for carpet, hardwood, or even laminate. 

4) Less Wear & Tear: All of our flooring options offer quality, but carpet and hardwood may show signs of age and use sooner than tile floors. If durability and the ability to stand up to wear and tear are central concerns for you, our specialist can direct you to tile flooring options that will deliver those attributes.

5) Less Maintenance: Carpets need to be cleaned by a professional to last longer and stay looking great, while hardwood floors need to be refinished every few years. 

Tile flooring does have drawbacks like needing area rugs and can be definitely cooler in the Winter time, but the ease of maintenance and it’s durability to high traffic and pets make tile flooring a popular choice.

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