What is Your Budget on Flooring While You Are Selling?

What is Your Budget on Flooring While Your Selling?
One of the most popular types of flooring materials that many homeowners are drawn to today is hardwood flooring. This material has a sophisticated, upgraded look that appeals to many people, and it is available in an extensive range of colors and styles. However, whether you choose solid or engineered hardwood flooring, you may find that this is one of the more expensive material options to consider. If you are shopping for flooring on a budget, laminate flooring or some of the lower-grade types of carpeting may be better options to consider. Remember to focus on the cost of the material as well as cost of the installation when you are pricing out some of the different material options available.

What is your space?

When you sell the home, a buyer may want to see a cohesive style throughout the entire home. This does not necessarily mean that you need to have the same flooring material on your main floor as you have on your basement floor. However, the general look throughout the home should be similar. For example, if you have high-end hardwood flooring on the main floor, installing the lowest grade of carpeting that you can find is often not a good idea. You do not want to create a disjointed look in your home because of a poor flooring decision.

Durability and maintenance are two important factors to consider as well, but each homeowner may have different ideas about what these factors entail. For example, if you plan to live in the home for decades, the investment of solid or engineered hardwood flooring may be cost-effective. You may not mind having to re-finish the floor a few times over the course of the years. On the other hand, hard floor surfaces, such as vinyl plank flooring and others, can easily show dirt and may be hard to keep clean. Many people enjoy plush carpeting in a home because it is easy to clean with a vacuum, hides dirt well and is generally more affordable to replace when it begins to show signs of aging. Keep in mind that most carpet types will need to be replaced within five to ten years


A final factor to think about before you invest in a new flooring material for your basement is comfort. Consider your biggest complaints about the other flooring materials in your home. For example, is your tile flooring upstairs very cold to walk on in the winter months? Do you get aches in your back, legs and feet when you stand on a hard floor surface for too long? Your flooring can affect the overall comfort level in your home in different ways, and each material that you may choose from has pros and cons in this area.

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