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Luxury Vinyl Plank, Luxe Rigid Core, Empire Walnut, Flint Gray

Vinyl Plank flooring is one of the most popular products in floor covering today. It’s our fastest-growing product category, and we’ve had a lot of customers who have installed it and achieved great success with it. This video will help you when making a Vinyl Floor purchase:

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Old-school vinyl plank. This is a glue-down product that came into the market about 15 years ago and became very popular. It is one of the less expensive products, but the downside is that it requires a very flat surface to look good. Most people don’t have a very flat subfloor in their house, and it also requires a lot of prep work. In the early days, we sometimes found problems where imperfections in the slab would start to show through, making it not look as good as most customers wanted.

Next came a product called floating vinyl plank, and this is an example of one of today’s floating vinyl planks. It doesn’t glue down; it just sits on top of the surface and locks together. The advantages of this are that it’s much more forgiving, and we don’t need a perfectly flat slab for it to look good. Additionally, it’s very quick to install, and you can walk on it immediately after installation. There are two different kinds of floating vinyl planks: solid core and flexible core. The flexible core, made from limestone filler, can handle heavy loads, but it may not be suitable for very heavy objects like a grand piano, which the solid core can handle better.

Another crucial aspect to consider, which might not be immediately visible in small samples at a big box store, is the amount of texture on the floor. Texture makes it look more realistic. Old-school vinyl planks have minimal texture, while newer ones have more realistic textures, like embossed-in-register planks that match the wood grain beneath them.

The type of backing on the vinyl plank is also important. Some have a cork backing to make them quieter, while others might have rubber backing or require an additional laminate pad underneath.

Beveled edges on the planks can create a more realistic look, resembling standalone planks, compared to square edges that give a sheet-like appearance. The trend in vinyl plank flooring is moving towards larger, wider, and longer planks, which look better in larger rooms.

Finally, the type of finish on the vinyl plank is essential. The better floors use a polyurethane finish with either aluminum oxide or ceramic beads, providing durability and wear resistance. Considering these factors will help you find the perfect vinyl plank flooring that suits your needs and preferences.

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