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Styles of Carpeting - Simmons Floor Covering!

Along with choosing a material, you can also select the style of carpeting that best fits your needs. Carpet can be constructed in different ways to achieve various heights and textures. One of the most popular options is Berber, or loop carpet, which has large, uncut loops that vary in size. Loop carpeting is very dense and incredibly stain resistant, but it’s not the best choice if you have pets because claws can easily snag the fibers. The second most popular option is textured carpeting, which has two-toned yarn with an uneven texture. Textured carpeting is made with tight twists that resist soil. 

For high-traffic areas, shag carpet is a good choice. This type of carpet has a short, twisted pile with fibers that curl in every direction to hide footprints and marks. If you want a high-end and smooth look, you may want to consider plush carpeting. This style has very closely-packed yarns, although it does show vacuum marks and footprints easily. The most unique style is pattern carpeting, which combines cut and loop pile to create patterns and textures on the surface. 

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