Solid Wood Flooring Might Be The Best Option

Is solid wood flooring the best option for you? find out now with the help of Simmons Floor Covering
You're ready for a new floor, but how do you choose from all the options? Natural wood flooring has that elegant look that you like, but you're not sure about the upkeep and the price. Laminate floors interest you because of their low cost and low maintenance, but you worry they'll look fake and start to buckle and bow.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is any type of flooring that is made from completely solid wood boards or pieces. Keep in mind, however, that solid wood flooring isn't the only type of 100 percent wood floor board available. When you hear the words "solid wood," this term refers to flooring in which each plank is one solid, continuous piece of wood. Solid wood floors aren't composites, meaning they aren't made from different species of wood that are layered together to make one plank.

You can choose from dozens of alternatives if you decide on solid wood flooring. With more than 50 different species that are commonly used to make floors, you'll find a variety of options to fit your home décor, maintenance needs and budget.

You can also choose a floor based on durability. If you have children running around the house or own pets, you know that your home is a high traffic space. A hardy floor (such as a Brazilian cherry) provides the durability you need.

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