Reasons to Recoat Hardwood Floors

Reasons to recoat hardwood floors
There are a number of reasons to recoat hardwood floors. The exact reasoning a person will have at the moment can vary in the specifics. 

Generally, it gets done either as regular maintenance or because a person wants to change the finish on their floors. Either is perfectly valid, whether it’s a maintenance coat or a different finish that you’d like to apply to your floors. 

In the case of a maintenance coat, you want to start thinking about recoating your hardwood floors once you start noticing scratches.  You might see them in the finish in more than a few isolated spots. If the finish is starting to wear thin across much of your floors, it’s time to start thinking about it. 

The duration of coats depends on wear over time and what sort of abuse the floor and its finish receive. The finish itself also makes a bit of an impact, as every finish and sealant have their own innate characteristics. You can expect about three to five years before you see sufficient wear to consider a thorough maintenance coat. 

Recoating is less intrusive as hardwood floor refinishing. So you can actually extend the life of your floors with an occasional recoating. You can also put more years in between refinishings. A recoating every one to three years can stave off the need for hardwood floor refinishing for a long time. However, you may also want to recoat floors during a remodeling, to better match the new look of your home. 

You may just decide you want a different color than the one you currently have.

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