Protect Your Flooring Investments With Simmons Flooring

Protect your flooring investments

Protect Your Hardwood Floor Investment

Hardwood floors are an investment and you have spent a considerable amount of money to add value to your home. The first thing you should understand about caring for your new floor is that you are not actually cleaning the wood, but the polyurethane. 
The wood is beneath a protective layer of polyurethane. It is important to keep this protective coating in good condition to protect the wood. Routine maintenance should include protecting the surface finish from moisture and heavy wear, which creates scratches. We recommend the following stpes when cleaning your Hardwood Floor.

Cleaning Hardwood 

It is pivotal to have a quick daily routine for hardwood care. Either sweeping or dry mopping are great ways to catch the large bits of dirt and dust that can get tracked in. If left on the surface, dust can gradually scratch your hardwood.

Weekly to Bi-Weekly Cleaning Hardwood Routine

Sweeping doesn’t always catch everything, so we recommend that you vacuum your hardwood at least twice a month. Vacuuming catches the grit and dust that settles into your hardwood. We recommend using a brush or broom attachment for a gentle and thorough clean. If you don’t have those attachments, just your vacuum with the rotating bristle function turned off to prevent damage to your hardwood.

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