How To Decide On Your Next Flooring

How to decide on your next flooring
Here at Simmons Floor Covering we have qualified design consultants to help you in your next flooring purchase. We know this can be tough so when it comes time to choose your next flooring, one of the most important first steps is take a look at these choices. 

Top 3 choices By Simmons Floors:
  • LV, is great for dirty traffic through the house. It’s tough, holds up to scratches, and it is waterproof, making it one of the best flooring options for your Denton home.
  • However Laminate is a great choice, as it has many layers that will absorb heavy foot traffic and protects against stains, high end walking, and major spills. It is reasonably priced, easy to install, and comes in a variety of styles.
  • Lastly, the easiest flooring is tile which is another solid choice for your home. It’s scratch protected and incredibly easy to clean, however it’s not the soft to allow for comfort when standing for long periods of time.
From shopping to purchasing to a professional installation, the Pro’s at Simmons Floor Covering will work with you focusing on all the details and committed to exceeding your expectations.

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