How To Properly Clean Your Hardwood Floors

While strong alkaline cleaners might do better on dirt and grime, they can damage your flooring. Before you clean your floors, check out these important tips from Simmons Floor Covering!
While you can use traditional cleaners on hardwood floors to remove dirt, stains and grime, watch the pH levels of the cleaning supplies you use. The higher the pH a cleaner has, the more alkaline it is. While strong alkaline cleaners are more effective than acidic cleaners at tackling dirt and grime, they will wear the finish of your hardwood over time. To prevent ruining the finish on your floors, use floor-cleaning agents that are specifically designed for hardwood use.

When you clean your hardwood floors, use a rag that is non-abrasive to avoid scratching the finish in your flooring. Sweep your floors regularly to prevent dust and hair build-up, making sure to sweep along baseboards and under cupboards as well as furniture to keep dust bunnies at bay.

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