Hardwood Floors Are A Timeless Choice For Any Home

Why hardwood floors are timeless choice
Hardwood Floors can last over a hundred years if properly maintained, and they add beauty and character just about anywhere they are found. If you own an older home, there’s a likelihood that you have hardwood floors underneath your existing floors. When hardwoods do fall into disrepair, homeowners have a decision to make. When is it ok to refinish your hardwood and when is it better to replace them entirely?

Take a look at these two choices:


Refinishing hardwoods involves sanding off the protective coating, the stain and the top layer of the wood. In many situations hardwood floors can be refinished many times. If the damage to your hardwood is merely cosmetic, refinishing may be the right choice. Perhaps they have been painted, or there are unsightly variations in the stain color. Refinishing can also hide minor nicks and gouges. You can choose a new shade of stain when refinishing to give your hardwood floor a whole new look. Bear in mind that naturally dark woods will remain dark, though.


Replacing hardwood floors will generally cost more, but sometimes it is the right choice. If your existing floors have suffered structural damage, sections may need to be replaced outright. Sometimes it’s possible to match the existing hardwoods, but not always. Significant water damage or other rot nearly always means replacing, not refinishing. Also, replacing is the only way to change your flooring’s plank width. 

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