Hardwood Floors & Foot Traffic

Hardwood Floors
Hardwood floors add classic beauty to your home and are a great option if you want easy-to-care-for flooring. Besides beauty, hardwood flooring has other benefits: it’s hypoallergenic and long-lasting.

To keep your hardwood in excellent condition, you need to know how to maintain your floors. Preserve their shine and new look by following these care tips. Your hardwood flooring specialist can also assist you in floor care for the type of hardwood you have

While hardwood floors are durable and able to maintain ample foot traffic, it's best to limit certain types of footwear in rooms where hardwood is your main flooring. Heels, cleats and other hard-soled shoes can cause dents and scratches, so take these types of shoes off before entering hardwood floors.

You can limit shoe damage on hardwood by placing rubber-backed rugs in areas you frequent the most as well. Decorative rugs can be placed under tables, beneath kitchen sinks and in entryways to help protect flooring while adding a splash of color or design.

Likewise, you will want to take extra precautions when using a vacuum cleaner on your hardwood flooring. Make sure your vacuum has no debris or hard items in its wheels to keep scratches at bay, and use the highest floor setting when running it along hardwood (as well as linoleum, tile and ceramic surfaces) to clean your floors effectively without causing undue damage.

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