Dark Hardwood Floor Colors

Dark hardwood floor colors - Simmons Floor Covering!

Today we want to talk about color. More specifically, dark hardwood floor colors. 

Lets put all the technical specs and industry terms to rest for now and just talk about color. We understand that although the specs, species and width may all be very important to you, we know that the bottom line is that you want it to look nice in your room space. With that said, color is one of the key factors that comes into play when deciding a floor. For some people it is the only factor, besides price, that they care about and that’s okay with us. We can talk color all day long and we love it. Even a discussion about hardwood floor colors can become intense and way in depth, but we will keep it simple, and we will keep it fun.

Whatever design aesthetic you are attempting to achieve in your home, dark wood can accommodate and should be a consideration for you. Dark hardwood floors are incredibly versatile.Especially for fans of contrast, dark floors against light furniture or cabinetry makes for an elegant design. Now some may be worried about keeping it clean… A wide dark wood plank can also give the impression of an even larger space to the eye, so it can be more bang for your buck. We wouldn’t recommend a dark floor in a small, tiny room with little light. Or along with dark furniture/cabinets because it can be hard to match with other dark components at times. 

The pros definitely outweigh the cons, but of course these are all things to consider when making an investment in your home such as hardwood flooring.

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