Cleaning Hardwood Floors During The Corona Virus Pandemic

Cleaning hardwood floors during the coronavirus pandemic
Right now, the world is facing a crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic and keeping our homes clean, safe and healthy is a top priority. 

We are all spending more time at home with our families these days giving us more time to make messes and clean. In fear of contamination, people are cleaning and disinfecting different parts of the house, including the kitchen, doors, handles, cupboards, but often forget to disinfect hardwood floors.

Among the different floor types, hardwood floors are a healthy option, especially to keep a good indoor air quality. Further, hardwood floors don’t have fibers, grout lines, or embossing, which may entrap the microorganisms, bacteria, dust, particles, animal dander, pollen,or allergens. Though hardwood comes with several benefits, still it is important to keep it disinfected and sanitized.

To clean your hardwood floors first sweep or dust them thoroughly.  Next take 4 cups of water with a couple drops of gentile dish soap and mix this together.  Slowly mop a small section at a time while drying with a soft cloth each section as you go.  

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