Cleaning Grout In Tile Floors

Cleaning grout in tile floors - Simmons Floor Covering

After installing tile floors, homeowners enjoy their sleek, modern and clean appearance. Furthermore, tile floors are easy to maintain and clean and a shiny tile surface can be achieved with routine sweeping and dusting. Tile is also easy to clean when spilled on, with most blemishes coming out with a simple mixture of warm soapy water.

However, many homeowners soon realize that while the actual tile remains glistening, the grout in between the tiles becomes worn and dirty. Cleaning grout can be difficult as many old stains and liquids seep into these dividers. Instead of using harsh chemicals or cleaners to clean the grout in your tile floors, use a simple mixture of oxygen bleach which is cost efficient and is a cleaning method that is safe for your home, family and pets.

Steps for Cleaning Tile Grout with Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen bleach is a cleaning product that is activated when it is mixed with warm water. The oxygen ions in the bleach attach themselves to the molecules made by the stain. The molecules are broken down into small pieces and can then be removed with a simple scrub.

1. Mix one cup of oxygen bleach with warm water according to package instructions.

2. Pour the oxygen bleach and water mixture onto your dry floors making sure all the grout lines are covered completely.
Gradually add solution as the grout continues to absorb it but do not flood your floors.

3. Continue adding solution for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes (or longer, the oxygen agents work up to six hours) scrub the grout lightly. The longer the solution sits, the less scrubbing will generally be required.

4. Take warm water and rinse your floors to remove any leftover solution.

Once your grout is clean, you can continue to maintain their like-new appearance by adding a small amount of oxygen bleach to your mopping water. This way, you can enjoy clean grout and tiles at the same time.

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