Carpet Is Still The #1 Flooring Choice For Your Home

Carpet flooring increases value of Denton homes
Lately, the foot traffic in homes, especially bedrooms & bonus rooms, is much higher since kids have been home-schooled during this pandemic. 

Kids running and playing in and outside can be tough on a carpet and it can begin to show dirt and wear quickly. Carpet can definitely be harder to keep clean than other flooring types and usually requires a professional carpet cleaner to get the best results. 

We always recommend minor lifestyle adjustments, having everyone take their shoes off and regular vacuuming, which will keep your carpet cleaner, allergy-free, and newer looking over a longer period of time. 

Even premium carpet can begin to look faded and worn if exposed to heavier foot traffic, too much sunlight, or even pets, so take precautions and protect your carpet investment by keeping it clean.  

At Simmons Floor Covering & Total Renovations, we can help you with all these decisions and save you time and money on beautiful new carpet in all the latest styles and designs..

From shopping to purchasing to a professional installation, we will work with you focusing on all the details and committed to exceeding your expectations.

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