Best Flooring Choices With Pets

Best flooring choices with pets
For families with furry friends, flooring choices can have quite the impact on your pets. Think about this, while humans merely walk on floors, your pets spend much of their life either sleeping on, sprinting across or prancing about on the flooring you choose. 

1. Resistance to scratches
For larger breeds, the flooring you choose may become scratched over time in areas with high traffic or high doggy excitement, such as the entryway. Your flooring choice can reflect this sort of awareness and flooring options such as luxury vinyl floors or stone tile floors are highly scratch resistant. 

2. Resistance to damage
We all know pets have accidents. Pet urine on certain types of flooring, like plush carpeting, can be difficult to clean up and may become discolored. Some areas of your home may be better with Tile or Luxury Vinyl if you have pets that are prone to accidents.

3. Pet traction
Your dog or cat can run around the house at many different speeds. Laminate flooring is especially slippery, and this can cause pets to be less stable on their feet. It's best to select an option that has a textured or embossed finish to reduce slipping or layer an area rug and rug pad over the flooring to provide extra traction for your pet. Also, while tile is overall a great option for pet owners because of it’s durable and scratch resistant nature, it can also be a slip hazard for them.

4. Pet comfort
You’ll likely never sleep on the floor as much as your pets, and your flooring choice can impact their sleep patterns. Consider how the harder materials like wood and tile may impact their sleep habits and they may feel colder and less comfortable than sleeping on a “warmer” material like carpet or a rug. While carpet can be a great choice for low traffic areas like a bedroom, as a pet owner, look for carpet varieties without loops, as your pet's nails may snag on the loops.

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