Best Flooring Choices For Families

Pet and kid friendly flooring

We all want beautiful flooring in our home, but over time and having kids & pets all flooring wears and will begin to show scratches. 

With its durability, attractive look, great price points, so many styles to choose from, and ease of cleaning, laminate flooring is a great choice for families with younger children and pets.  
It is soft underfoot and comfortable to walk on and if you live in a colder climate it is much warmer than tile.

Laminate flooring is extremely easy to install and is a good fit for almost every room in the house because it is water-resistant and durable. Laminate offers so many sizes and colors that many designers like to use this type of flooring for their model homes creating the perfect style that easily blends well with other decors. 

We recommend you protect your laminate floors from the start with small pieces of felt on the bottom of your furniture to help resist scratches, and well-placed area rugs and entry rugs will also keep your floors clean.

From shopping to purchasing to a professional installation, the Pro’s at Simmons Floor Covering will work with you focusing on all the details and committed to exceeding your expectations.

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