Benefits Of Solid Hardwood Flooring In Denton

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Our flooring store is located in Denton and offers a large selection of beautiful Hardwood Flooring in all the latest wood types and styles. Solid Hardwood flooring planks are made from a piece of wood where it is milled into specific sizes and then finished with a protective stain or coating to give it long-lasting durability. 

Solid hardwood is known for being stronger and for many years was used in the structure of buildings because of its strength. Solid hardwood flooring has a thicker wear area that can be sanded and refinished many times allowing your wood flooring to be restored and look great for decades.

Typically solid wood flooring can cost more than engineered wood flooring (engineered is layers of thin wood adhered together) when taking into consideration all associated costs. Product costs, labor costs, and overall installation costs, for example, solid hardwood flooring requires a proper subfloor.

Hardwood flooring is susceptible to water damage, so it is not appropriate for spaces like basements, kitchens, or where moisture may be present. Stop in and ask one of our hardwood flooring experts today about all of our solid hardwood flooring choices.

At Simmons Floor Covering & Total Renovations, we have been serving our customers for over 35 years and will help make their entire floor buying & renovation process easier and stress-free.  Come in and see the Simmons difference.

From shopping to purchasing to a professional installation, the pros at Simmons Floor Coverings & Total Renovations will work with you focusing on all the details and committed to exceeding your expectations.
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