How To Take Care Of New Hardwood Floors

How to take care of new hardwood floors
Choosing the right flooring for your home or business also means considering how much work you want to put into cleaning and caring for them.

Some floors, while nice looking in the showroom can actually require quite a bit of maintenance. Again, depending on how they’re being used, this can vary.

Engineered hardwood floors don’t require any special cleaning techniques. In fact, they’re actually very easy to maintain.

Wash – Use a mop or soft, non-abrasive cloth, warm water, and mild soap or floor cleaning solution. Make sure the mop head has been squeezed out enough so it isn’t dripping or leaving water streaks as you clean.

Dry – For an extra clean floor with no streaks, go over the mopped areas with a dry cloth until all moisture has been absorbed.

Monitor – Hardwoods can be cleaned using the same method. And for both types, make sure to monitor pet water dishes, spills, and rugs where moisture might collect.

Be Thorough – Tiny drops of water in the same location over time can lead to irreparable damage. So always vacuum and mop underneath rugs and carpets in addition to open areas.
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