Hardwood Floor Installation Service in Denton, TX

Hardwood Floor Installation Service in Denton, TX
A house is welcoming if it is beautiful as well as warm. If you get a warm and appealing ambiance, you will surely fall in love with the house. The most important aspect of any house is its flooring. Wooden flooring is as elegant as any traditional carvings on wall. Wooden flooring are famous since the pre-historic era. It gives a natural aura to the surroundings.

One of the challenging jobs in hardwood floor installation is to undertake the project yourself. More than the beautiful view, you get a satisfying feeling of doing it yourself. The most difficult part of this project is to choose the right kind of wood. You need to know pros and cons of every available wood. You will not renovate your flooring in a regular basis, so your decision of wood should be based on a good research about the wood types. There are different types of woods available in the market. You have solid hardwood, engineered flooring, and laminates. Out of these engineered flooring and solid wood strip is the most challenging hardwood floor installation. The installation requires sanding and finishing.

Some people prefer to first make a cemented raised slab and then install wooden planks to the platform. This gives a highlighted view to the room. At the same time wood does not comes in the direct contact of floor beneath, this will prevent the percolation of moisture in the planks. If you want to install hardwood to you kitchen, you have to take special care. You tend to drop lot of fluids and water in kitchen, so kitchen requires a lot of mopping. For this purpose, you will have to laminate or give special treatment to your kitchen wooden planks.

Follow these easy installation processes:
  • First, choose the right kind of hardwood, keeping in mind the weather and soil conditions of your area.
  • Measure the length and width of your floor; accordingly purchase the number of planks.
  • Clean your floor properly; check if there are any squeaks on the floor.
  • On the sub-floor, you will have to place 4 inches of vapour barrier paper.
  • Start the installation of wooden planks. You should fist install from the unobstructed area.
  • Use a chalk pencil in aligning the wooden planks one after the other.
  • Now you will have to drill holes and then hand-nail the rolls.
  • Try to fill all the gaps; otherwise, it will give a very patchy look.
  • Fill the wooden holes with wooden putty. Make sure the putty and woods matches with the color.
You should maintain the habit of cleaning the wooden floor. Keep grit away from the floor. Use a sprayer that is alcohol based to wipe off the dirt and keep away the mites. The pneumatic flooring nails should be covered otherwise it will scratch any surface, which will come into direct contact. Cover it with masking tape or a plastic boot.

Before you plan to install the flooring, always seek advice from some experienced person. Installing a wooden floor takes a lot of time as well as money. Take full precautions before installation.

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