Is Your Carpet Outdated To Your Home’s Style?

Is your carpet outdated to your home's style?
Flooring is a big part of creating a home's style and feel especially when matched with paint and décor. 

For example, if your home still has 80s-style mauve shag carpet it would probably look out of place with your contemporary-styled furniture. Sometimes you can spend money on paint and furniture only to find your carpet is mismatched, or worse, makes your home look outdated or worn. 

Whether you bought a home with less-than-stylish carpet, or are updating your home’s decor and need new carpet to match, we can help.  We will also help with providing the right type of padding for your new carpet, and help with flooring transitions if you have other types of flooring in your home as well.

Call our flooring design specialists for more details.

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